Periferia is a music and art experience festival that takes place on a small island outside the City of Buenos Aires. “Periferia” (English: outskirts) is an open concept that depends on the viewpoint of the individual. We decided to tackle this concept not only from the geographic point of view but also from the experiential perspective. The outskirts can be collective, another town, country or continent, but it can also represent the expansion of our personal boundaries and experiences. To express this idea, we constructed a modular brand identity system playing with the morphology of the island and a dynamic liquid grid coming from the waves patterns of the river, where constant change and transformation reflected the nature of people's individual experience of the festival. The shifting visual expression lives together with a bold typographic set and a wide color palette inspired directly from the different sky shades and island landscapes.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Designer
Festival Periferia
Art Direction, Design, Visual Development
Brand Guidelines, Advertising, Events, Logos, Typography
Project Industries
Lifestyle, Music