Keep your mom away from Alex Bogusky

If you click on the link below you'll see what can happen when your mother uses Alex Bogusky to publicly ambush you. Here is the backstory: Since moving to Los Angeles 3 years ago, I’ve been white-labeling myself on a freelance basis into agency and clients alike, contributing not just as a conceptual creative director, but also as an experience architect, a creative technologist, a design director, a brand storyteller and branded content director to name a few. Basically, I’ve been learning, while earning, bobbin’ my head to this West Coast creative flow. That is until my mother, the social media maven, saw that Alex Bogusky is returning to CP+B, armed with new tech and his fervent belief that badass creative & brand truth can change the world. So she called me out and told the ad rags. And you know what? It honestly inspired me. I too am ready to devote myself full-time to a single creative engine, be it inside an ad agency, a brave brand, an entertainment company or perhaps I’ll cross my fingers and go for what’s behind curtain #3. Because I've realized my only super power is in identifying the true emotional space between brands and their audiences, then collaboratively creating the bridges that connect them. I believe, like Alex, that relationships built on truth and purpose can change the world. And all relationships start with a conversation. Hello, I'm Rob. Let’s talk.

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Art Director, Copywriter, Creative Director
Expose Yourself PR
Branded Content, Social Media Content
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Advertising, Automotive, Entertainment, Lifestyle
Keep your mom away from Alex Bogusky