Nokia 'Dot'

Here's one from my directing days, working as Sumo Science. A script came in from Wieden + Kennedy in London. It was perhaps more of a brief than a script but the idea focussed on celebrating the incredible camera on the Nokia N8 using stop-motion animation. The key aspect of the idea was that a lens attachment would have to be used with the Nokia phone. This invention was called the Cell Scope, a microscope attachment designed to take images of human cells in remote locations that could then be sent via email or text from the phone itself. We came up with the idea to create an Alice & Wonderland-inspired story with a tiny animated heroine called Dot. The character would stand at just 8mm tall and would be 3D printed, it was the first animated commercial to use such a process.

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Animator, Creative Director, Director
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Nokia 'Dot'