Dear Senator

Director for Branded Content short film with Windy Films for Planned Parenthood on extremely tight turnaround time, in Maine summer 2018 in response to the nomination of Brett Kavaunagh to the Supreme Court. One in four women in America have had an abortion. Yet it's a subject rarely discussed even among close friends and family. For these five women, getting an abortion was the responsible choice for their child, their future, and their families. President Trump did not recognize a woman's choice as a constitutionally guaranteed human right. He said publicly that women who get abortions deserved to be punished. Senator Susan Collins of Maine was one of the few legislators who could have stop Trump's conservative nominees to the Supreme Court and help protect reproductive rights for women in America. We created a series of short documentary, and audio edits, for Planned Parenthood of America, during the summer of 2018. The goal was to show the human behind the politics, a woman who is probably someone you know, and could easily be you to create connections and empathy. At that time, under Trump, the anti-abortion vote was threatening women's right to choose and PPFA created major campaigns across the country. I traversed the state for a week alone, interviewing 10 women, video conferencing with the team after each. Only days late were back in Maine having cast and scripted our shoot which we completed in less than a week, once again travesing the state to represent a variety of women and through intimate interviews illustrate women using their right to choose beyond stigma, in some cases had abortions pre Roe vs Wade. Due to the deadline, each night the footage was taken by a runner back to Boston and edits began. Audio edits of day one were on the air while we were still shooting the final day. It was an intense shoot but purpose driven with a team of amazing creatives. The series was shot and edited in under two and a half weeks, ran on Maine radio, television, web and social outlets August and September of 2018. Although Senator Susan Collins voted in favor of Brett Kavanaugh as the deciding vote, the branded documentary short, Dear Senator, from the series we shot for Planned Parenthood, won the 2019 Adweek ARC Award in Brand Storytelling. And Windy continues to work extensively with PPFA.

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