Magnum - Immersive Facebook Ad

We worked for Magnum on a new social campaign, and took innovative approach to increase engagement and generate lead on Facebook. Working under tight deadline and during 2-weeks of R&D and 3D Development, we created, modeled and lit the ice-cream bar in Houdini software and began simulation testing for caramel drip. Content strategists in our partner agency, thought of creating a optical illusion with the Facebook UI and create a surprising element at the end of the ad - which would result in more engagement from viewers.

Project Roles
Editor (Brand/Content), Lighting Designer, Post Producer, Producer
3D, Content Strategy, Houdini, Mobile, Side Fx Houdini, Social, Social Media Strategy
3D Animations, 3D Illustrations, Advertising, Branded Content, Motion Graphics, Social Media Content
Project Industries
Magnum - Immersive Facebook Ad
Magnum - Immersive Facebook Ad
Magnum - Immersive Facebook Ad