Cassandra - Title Sequence

Opening title sequence for Cassandra, an upcoming TV show directed by Nuno M Cardoso, with production of Take It Easy with Cimbalino Films for RTP. — Seven visions of Portugal, in Cassandra's prophetic voice, that reveal different but interconnected concerns about the future and the contradictory forces that shape it, with themes as diverse as politics, economics, media, technology, education, sexuality, religion, work and revolution. A project that, in a classic way, starts from the text, in its richness and complexity, but invests it with the spontaneity and restlessness of action, the hypothesis of building a country. — Year: 2021 Client and Production Company: Take It Easy Films and Cimbalino Filmes Art direction / design: Atelier d’Alves Motion design: Nuno Leites Sound: Joana Gama e Luís Fernandes

Project Roles
Animator, Designer, Motion Designer
2D, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Design, Motion
2D Animations, Motion Graphics, Title Sequences, Typography
Cassandra - Title Sequence