March of Dimes Global Report

The March of Dimes Global Report on Birth Defects was first to provide a global estimate (in 193 countries) of serious birth defects of genetic or partly genetic origin. The project spanned six months and included the 64-page Primary Report, 16-page Executive Summary, a 36″ x 24″ Wall Chart, and a 4-foot long, fan-fold appendix containing 9,792 cells of data. The inspiration for the cover design came from the title “The Hidden Toll of Dying and Disabled Children”. The multifaceted shapes represent the global spectrum of countries and the depth of the research. The text “Birth Defects” was left white to emphasize how the issue has been hidden for so long.

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Designer, Project Manager
March of Dimes
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March of Dimes Global Report
March of Dimes Global Report
March of Dimes Global Report