Little Red Lies

Millions of women experience serious health issues, but face significant barriers of social stigma and misinformation when seeking treatment. Aetna wants to start a much needed dialogue around women’s health! As Director of this brave piece, I worked with Aetna's in house creative team, their external Creative Agency, and Windy Films Studio for the months leading up to the two day shoot. We collaborated to understand their goals around the project which was both emotionally loaded for our real women characters and also politically loaded for a healthcare company. Acknowledging that healthcare providers do not always hear their female and believe female patients, particularly those of color (backed by data) Aetna is determined to de-stigmatize these conversations. This short film will launch their new website and initiative to make the change in the industry. I interviewed many women leading into the shoot to determined who to cast, and the role each would play in the piece. I worked with the Art Director and Cinematographer at Windy Films on lighting and camera approach, and partnered with the Set Designer on the aesthetic of the shoot, critical to setting the lighthearted tone to keep the subject approachable so as to shift the narrative around the issue to make it approachable. On set, I led the mostly female crew, interviewing or directing the honest conversations between the amazing women, with an aim to getting key moments we needed, keeping the environment supportive and open, while ensuring the Client and Agency’s concerns where managed and wish list was achieved in full. I love collaborating with Windy Film Studios and excel at working with clients changing the narrative around challenging social themes, both the shoot itself and helping the client work through the process to get to the shoot.

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