Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co is a company that aims to change mobility forever by giving the current generation a new flexible, direct and sustainable way to move. For the launch campaign, we created a simple, playful and dynamic visual identity proposal that serves as a complement and display for the photography and videos. We played with the brand's graphic assets to generate a minimalist, bold and not over-designed system that challenges the brand's guidelines but maintains the essence of Lynk & Co's look & feel. We conveyed the idea of movement not only by making all the elements be in constant motion but also by creating a series of flexible trace paths to place the message. Also, we generated a package of dynamic and expressive shapes by scaling and cropping the Lynk & Co logo, serving as a glue between all the ingredients of the visual language and bringing more rhythm and movement to the entire system.

Project Roles
Lynk & Co
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Conceptual, Creative Strategy, Design, Design Strategy, Digital, Language: English, Motion, Print, Strategy, Visual Development
Advertising, Billboards, Brand Identity, Branded Content, Branding, Campaigns, Motion Graphics, Photography, Visual Designs
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Automotive, Lifestyle
Lynk & Co