The Lawnmower Man

Above is my contribution to Gallery 1988's latest art show 30 Years Later, featuring artwork based around movies released way back in 1992 with mine being based on the VR is the future The Lawnmower Man. The movie is kind of like Flowers for Algernon merged with the concept of 90s VR and where the tech world was headed back then to everything being interacted in virtual spaces. Personally I've always remembered the VR bits compared to the rest of the movie that stand to more so it was more fitting to base my piece on these trippy virtual experiences.

Project Roles
Art Director, Artist, Designer, Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Illustration, Traditional / Hand-drawn, Vector
Art, Augmented Reality, Concept Art, Illustrations, Posters
Project Industries
Advertising, Augmented Reality, Entertainment, Media
The Lawnmower Man