The Giphy Keys to Success

A webby-award winning video! Giphy Keys is an app developed by Giphy to bring GIFs right into your phone's keyboard. Now, conversations with GIFs can run smoothly without skipping a beat. That is, if you use your GIFs responsibly. Continuing our Internet-TV show trend, The Giphy Keys to Success follows the tone of our classic daytime television- one part Oprah, one part Dr. Phil. Sharon Gives, the GIF Guru, reminds people that GIFs should be sent from the heart, and that it's easier now more than ever. This was truly a group effort, and easily one of the biggest videos scope-wise for us at Dark Igloo. We wrangled 25 extras. Had rewrites and rehearsals. Made Cat puppets and barfing piñatas. But it resulted in more reaction GIFs than we could have hoped.

Project Roles
Animator, Director, Writer
Art Direction, Copywriting, Editing
Advertising, Commercials - Video, Sketch Comedy
The Giphy Keys to Success