Nike Church of the Epiphany.

**Grand Prix Winner for Industry Craft, Cannes Lions 2019. In Chicago, during an era of gangs, drugs, and violence, we were tasked with inspiring belief among the next generation of Chicago basketball players. The answer was simple: Go to the one place in Chicago more sacred basketball….The Church. Working with the good folks at Momentum Worldwide and Nike North America, this experiential art installation transformed on old church into a basketball mecca. Programmed with elite pro trainers, world-class recovery gear, nutrition coaching, elite open runs, and various tournaments that ran for the month of August engaging all members of the Chicago community. The Church gained a wild amount of media buzz from news outlets ranging from BET to ABC, NBC, Hypebeast, SLAM, Franchise and more.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Momentum Worldwide
Conceptual, Copywriting
Interactive Installations
Project Industries
Nike Church of the Epiphany.
Nike Church of the Epiphany.